Finding Peace with your Truth

Truth: The true or actual state of a matter; truth to self; authenticity.


We all have our own individual, unique, personal Truths. And I believe that we are meant to realize these various “Truths” in our own way, in our own time. They can’t be rushed, nor can they be dictated, formed, or shaped by anyone but ourselves. This is the reason they are called personal Truths.  Now, once they resonate fully intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, we will at that time be able to discover the balance, symmetry and peace we seek.


It’s so important that we understand this because adopting this mindset will help us in our day-to-day lives, especially when we’re trying to control situations and outcomes that may very well be out of our control.  I really think that what causes the most stress in life is the picture in our heads of how something is “supposed to be“, and how the situation was “supposed to play itself out“.

Honestly, the only thing you can truly control in life is how you choose to react to situations and circumstances that are not completely in your control. And the older you get, the clearer it becomes just how much is not in your control!


Relaxation is key-sometimes you gotta stop and when you feel things getting a little too out of control and just allow your mind to rest! Your mind and spirit must be re-energized in order to reconnect with this inner mindset and trust me, it gets much easier when you come to terms with this reality. You will find that the highs in life will be that much more powerful and you’re more quickly able to bounce back from the lows.

An interesting thing is sometimes the outcomes that you can’t change actually end up changing you and helping you grow to your full potential. Life is funny that way.

So the best thing any of us can do is acknowledge and accept that we all have our own Truths that must be realized individually and respected and we just have to learn how to walk in our own shoes imperfectly, while we change what we can,  accept the unchangeable, and remove ourselves from the unacceptable.


2 Replies to “Finding Peace with your Truth”

  1. Love this. I have chosen to walk in my own shoes. I have shed the “what others want me to be” and what “they think i should be” and what i truly am. I still find it hard to be completely honest. I have not lied again but i have paused; cleared my thoughts and communicated as i clearly can my true thoughts and intentions. It is a good feeling which i do not intend to lose. I wish more people could feel how i feel

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