Month: June 2016

How the media reinforces mental slavery

In this day and age, mental slavery is much more than just a term. It’s a psychological warfare tool that the media utilizes (in the programming that we are exposed to on a 24/7 basis), to manipulate the minds of targeted populations.  Think about the significant role the media plays in entertaining, informing, and even instilling

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Our country needs a True Revolutionary Leader

I believe one of the most important traits of an effective revolutionary leader is emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence is simply the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It’s amazing, in this hyper-social and “connected” world, how few people actually exhibit emotional intelligence. And if one lacks emotional intelligence, how

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Get rid of the clutter in your life

Life is precious. It’s not promised, and at times can be quite unpredictable. What I’ve learned is that some of the greatest moments in your life won’t necessarily be the things that you do; they will be the things that happen to you. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t take action to affect the outcome

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