Life is about living, loving, sharing, learning and evolving. It’s about understanding the value of being aware and present, and always on the lookout for opportunities for self-growth and enlightenment. This blog is about lessons learned, thoughts and perspectives, and yes, even opinions, of a mother, activist, writer, dancer, daughter, and friend.


Who am I? I’m a writer at heart- I wrote my first story at age 8 and never stopped, whether its journalistic, blogging, or fiction (horror/supernatural is my genre of choice)…

Who am I? I’m a dancer at my core- I love telling a story thru dance and making folks feel sumthing- Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, African, Ballet are the areas I’m trained in…

Who am I? I’m a social and political activist- I wholly believe that I have the responsibility to use my words, whether they be written or verbal, to address issues that affect my community…

Who am I? I’m a mother of 3 boys, a queer woman, an educator, an avid reader, a former law student who enjoys putting my legal knowledge and political science background to use whenever I can…

Who am I? I’m Dawn…


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