Month: March 2017

4 Ways Women can better support one another..

The one thing that continues to perplex, anger and sadden me, is the fact that we live in a time where Women spend more time bitching about the next Woman when we should be focusing on uplifting and empowering one another for any and every reason, no matter how small.  It’s a shame to admit that

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Lessons learned…

As I sit here and write, I realize that the older I get, the more blogs I write that begin with “the older I get”! But alas, it is with getting older that I have had the opportunity to learn many life lessons which I continue to take and shape the way I not only

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Feed your Soul, Not your Ego…

The older we get, it’s imperative that we keep our brains active and stimulated! Refuse to allow yourself to settle into a mental and physical rut.. Be adventurous! Try new things, be open to learning about unfamiliar concepts, explore ideas and beliefs that differ from your own. The important thing is to constantly challenge yourself,

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