Month: November 2016

We’re All Works in Progress…

Enjoy the journey!


What is the true definition of being “Culturally Diverse”?

When the issue of diversity has come up I’ve noticed that the concept has different meanings for people, depending on your ethnicity, your culture, your sexual orientation, your level of education, financial status, employment status, political affiliation, the community you live in, and how you’ve been raised among a myriad of other factors. Diversity: The quality or

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Time for a new version of Capitalism

“The function of government is to represent the middle income and working people rather than just the wealthy and the powerful. [We have come to] worship greed.” ~Representative Bernie Sanders Capitalism is defined as an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods; by investments that are determined by private decision; and

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All Hail President Chump– I mean Trump!

For those of you who identify as a person of color, are part of the working class and lower middle class who voted for Trump…let me just say Congratulations and allow me to extend a heart-felt WTF?!  Do you not know that you have been Bamboozled? Led Astray? Run Amok? And for those of you

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Stop supporting Ignorance! Lil Wayne needs to GO!!

So… for some of us, the interview that Lil Wayne gave showcasing just how trifling, ignorant, shameful and offensive he can be may not have come as too much of a surprise. But still… I don’t even have the words to truly express the disgust I felt as I watched him in that interview! As

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Politics 101: Educate yourself before you vote…

Politics– a subject that has the most significant impact on each and every one of us, yet is possibly the least understood at its core. Here are a few bullet points that in my humble opinion, sum up what Politics is all about: Republicans and Democrats both play to the rich 1% and to the

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