Sleepless in Seattle

So, my mom and I are stuck in Seattle, at Sea-Tac (the airport), and I’m sitting at a table sipping my caramel macchiato, on my iPad, when I pause to glance around the vast marketplace. Looking at the sea of faces, I’m struck with the realization that I can count on one hand the number of people who “look” like me. Very interesting. We are now in 2014, right? Where is the diversity Seattle loves to boast of? Hmm.

I take another sip and glance around in the other direction. Nope, count is the same. Perhaps it’s the 40 minutes of sleep I had that has skewed my perception at the moment.

We are living in a time where apathy, materialism, classism, bigotry, racism, stereotyping, racial profiling, the ridiculous antics and ignorant mindsets that occur on Reality TV has somehow become the norm for society. The old adage of ‘art imitating life’ has never been more accurate: nor has it been more reciprocal, for in this day and age, life now imitates art–bad art. I mean really bad art.

And we see it manifesting in so many areas.

Ahh.. I digress. And, I realize that I’m sleepily pondering all the crazy issues that have no readily available solution, when I really want to just take a sip of my macchiato and watch the incredible, remarkable view of a plane as it takes off into the sky.


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