NCAA and college sports- the new Slave System

Now, I’m not a big college football fan but I came across an article today that had me shaking my head at how utterly ridiculous and shameful the politics of the NCAA and college football can be. The article is about Silas Nacita, a college running back for Baylor who was deemed ineligible to play by the NCAA because he accepted a place to live by a close family friend after being homeless for a period of time.

Rules and violations aside, this young man was homeless! And he accepted help and a place to live! Wth?! So Silas chose to post a message on social media about his decision, which he made because he said his academic scholarships weren’t enough to cover living expenses and a friend made the offer to help out. He also mentioned that as a result, he won’t be allowed to play football any longer for Baylor.

He wasn’t even aware at the time that him accepting a place to live was a violation, yet that doesn’t seem to make much difference at this point. It’s a damn shame that colleges make thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars off of their players, yet a player is forced to make the decision of playing college football or being homeless.

To me this sounds like another example of a new slave system. Work for us, play for us, you can’t get paid, you can’t take help from anyone, and you’re only useful as long as you keep making us money. Homeless? Oh well! Your scholarships don’t cover all your expenses? Oh well! Show up, play for us and make us money. Wait a sec….. you accepted help from someone…nope sorry, should’ve kept living in your car.. Damn, you just made us lose money off of you. You gotsta go! Take care and good luck..

If that ain’t a slave system, I don’t know what is.. Just sayin…

One Reply to “NCAA and college sports- the new Slave System”

  1. This is bullshit. I don’t understand how this can be legal. I would like to have a conversation with the head of NCAA to find out what was Silas Nacita’s alternative? How long this ridiculous rule has been a part of their policies and what are their plans to set a conversion into place? Hopefully Nacita will exhaust all possibilities of getting this decision overturned.

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