Stop All Support of JW Lucas!!

I don’t want to give this ignorant individual more time, energy, and attention than he obviously wants, but I would be remiss if I didn’t use my platform and voice to speak out about the offensive, racist and dangerous rhetoric that this person has been spewing. This JW Lucas who I have just now heard of, tweeted lies and innuendos about Breonna Taylor and the tragic consequences of her murder and death and went on later to say that not only has he given more to Hip Hop than anyone else, but that he could lead the Black Lives Matter Movement better than Tamika Mallory could. And I’m just gonna leave that unbelievable BS right there, SMH.

Tamika Mallory spoke out and is calling for all Hip Hop artists who have and are currently working with JW Lucas to stop immediately and anyone who considers themselves to be allies of the Black Community to stop any and all support of JW Lucas immediately.

This also goes for anyone who supports the artists who choose to continue to work with this buffoon even after knowing how this ignorant, entitled and racist White Man truly feels about Black Women and the Black Community. The time has come to stop giving folks passes! You can think and feel anyway you want, and ultimately you can say anything you choose in this Country but you for damn sure are not immune to the consequences of saying whatever you choose, particularly when you do not care about the impact your words and actions have on the very community that you profit off of!

Enough is enough people, and I hope everyone feels as disgusted and just Done as I do. No more allowing folks to profit off of the Black Community while simultaneously disrespecting us and spewing dangerous and BS claims in the process. It’s time for the Hip Hop Community to stand up and stop all support of this JW Lucas person and it’s time for all of us to stop looking the other way and making excuses when ignorance shows up and shows out, no matter who or what form it takes.

5 Replies to “Stop All Support of JW Lucas!!”

  1. Currently , I am unable to follow your page, but I will surely read your thoughts one by one ..
    Kindly let me know if you have a facebook or Twitter account?

    And by the way your posts are awesome , You are beautiful .
    Take care , Stay safe.


    1. Thank you so much for your support! I do have both Facebook and Twitter. I’m sorry that you’re unable to follow my page, but I do appreciate you taking the time to read my posts! I hope they resonate with you. Take care and stay safe as well!

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