Ever have one of those days?

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re just not feelin it? And by “it“, I mean, the work you’re doing, the b.s. with society, folks who don’t seem to appreciate what they have, folks who seem to have an abundance and still don’t want to help, incompetent folks, situations that are out of your control, your lack of finances despite your education and experience, folks buggin you because of your lack of finances, folks who say that they want to work with you yet you never hear from them, the games that folks in management like to play, the ignorant mindset that too many folks revel in, the state that the city of Oakland is in, the real truth behind what’s really going on in the middle east, the sad truth that Obama is only going to be allowed to be minimally effective and productive, the fact that we simply don’t have enough of ANYTHING to take in more immigrants considering we can’t even take care of the folks who were born and live here, the shortage of authentic people with integrity and kind hearts, the fact that you need a vacation and know good and well you don’t have the means to take one.

Yes.. that kind of day.


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