Remembering 911 and connecting dots to ISIS…

I can still recall exactly where I was and what I was doing on Sept 11, 2001. I was living in Seattle, WA, working at Washington Mutual, or WAMU as it was known amongst us employees. I was a help-desk technician, working at what was called the “Command Center”, the hub of the bank. Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, where any and every issue that WAMU employees experienced was called in to the Command Center and we were expected to resolve it asap so the employee could get back to servicing their customer’s banking needs.

The morning of Sept 11, began like any other day. The TV monitors were on CNN, as they usually were, giving those of us who cared, our daily dose of current events, local and globally. When the coverage of the first plane striking the tower aired, I remember glancing around at my coworkers, a frown on my face, wondering if I really heard what I thought I heard. My confusion was echoed throughout the room as we all watched in disbelief. Can this really be happening??

It was and it did. For me, what added insult to injury and spurred on the little conspiracy theorist that lives inside of me, was when the connection between the Bush administration and the Saudis was brought to light. I mean, really, 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, the Saudis funded Al Qaeda, you got Bush allowing not only Bin Ladin’s family, but many Saudi individuals to leave the U.S. after the attacks…

Now, I know many folks don’t want to believe there’s a faction of Americans who could have aided in 911, but come on, let’s be real, how likely is it that those attacks could be planned and implemented without there being a support network firmly in place here? I mean, it isn’t a secret that there are networks that the government knew about, like the one in San Diego for example… Yes, 911 is quite the intrigue, and yet, so is ISIS, or ISIL…

That brings me back to ISIS, or ISIL. Hmm… Interesting that the timing for a possible airstrike is being addressed now, isn’t it? During the anniversary of 911? A group that was apart of Al Qaeda until they supposedly decided to part ways with this group. Al Qaeda, who had ties to factions in this country… Are we to believe there are no U.S. ties to ISIS? Who exactly is funding them?

Of course, we have to show force, we have to show that America will not stand idly by while its people and way of life is being threatened. Will this prevent any threats being carried out on U.S. soil? That will remain to be seen.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any solutions, just questions, concerns, observations if you will. I mean, this is what this country is all about right? Freedom of speech, freedom of thought. Combine that with the soul of an activist and a curious and inquisitive mind and you have someone who feels like she has the right to research and report back what her findings have shown her. Just enough to get folks talking amongst themselves and perhaps opening their eyes to another layer of “truth“.

A lil food for thought

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