Why why why can’t folks just act right?

Deep sigh“… So, let me preface this post by saying I wholly subscribe to venting and I believe we all need to invest in discovering an outlet that allows us to get rid of the mental crap that we accumulate on a daily basis. I mean, its gotta go somewhere and you can’t keep it all bottled up inside because that’s just not healthy. And being a writer, I love using the written word as my vehicle of choice.

Now, I am having a bit of an issue with folks just not actin right. And when folks don’t act right it effects us on so many levels. Case in point: I was on Bart this morning on the way to work, and I had the privilege of standing next to two grown women who thought that, instead of listening to the music that was flowing through my ear phones, they thought that I, (along with the rest of the people on the train) would rather listen to their fascinating convo about stupid a** muthaf**s, and punk a** b**es. Cause I mean, hey, why listen to Stevie Wonder when you can listen to two loud a** chicks whine about folks and situations you know nothing about?

So annoying and irritating and frustrating because as a woman, I’m looking at them like, really? Who the hell told you that women should act like this? In public no less! Smh.

Yesterday I was at Target and watched an employee who was obviously on break, tell a customer that she couldn’t tell her what aisle a product was on because she was off duty. I mean really? You can’t just say, oh it’s on aisle 9? Because that would take all of what 2 seconds maybe out of your break time? Geez..

Today at work, a man called in and rudely wanted to know why someone called his wife’s number. Instead of taking a few seconds to actually listen to the message that was left on her phone, he just reacted when he saw a strange number and heard a guy’s voice on her voicemail and immediately called the number getting me.

Now since he chose to bypass the message he had no idea that it was an organization he was calling back! And instead of calming his butt down, he wanted to act a fool on the phone. So I had to politely tell him to either calm down and let me speak or hang up the phone! So annoying and irritating and frustrating because we provide a service for the community so I don’t want to run folks off but come on now, you are not gonna call and just be rude for no reason! You sound like a grown a**  man, so act like it!  Good Lord people, you’re killing me today.

Maybe we should start to offer “act right” workshops for folks, and I just happen to have a whole page of ideas of categories for classes. And if folks don’t complete the workshops then there needs to be some sort of penalty. I’m just sayin.

2 Replies to “Why why why can’t folks just act right?”

  1. Biggest pet peeve of mine sis! I wonder why it is some people don’t have a “filter”. Is it genuine lack of respect for others because they weren’t taught? Or are they just craving attention, trying to get a rise out of someone, hoping for a fight? Surely that would make them feel better. Lol

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