These WallStreet Crooks need to quit complainin’!

So I got a bone to pick with some folks up on WallStreet. The ones who work in Securities, Trading, and the Broker Dealing Industries. You see, when you make as much as these folks make, I’m sorry but you lose the right to complain about a 13% loss of yearly profits.

The average salary on WallStreet is $355.000. Yes you read that correctly. And $8.7 billion was made in the first half of 2014 alone. The first half! That’s bigger than the GDP of some countries! Yet they have the audacity to complain because their profit of $8.7 billion is 13% less than it was last year. WTF? Really?

But guess why it’s down. It’s down because 6 of the biggest banks have had to pay out around $130 billion to financial regulators for the major f*’ups and misdeeds that happened during and leading up to the financial crisis that they created!

And it gets better… they still get bonuses! Yep yep. Matter of fact bonuses have increased about 15% to around $164.530. That’s a bonus. Not a salary. A bonus.

But you wanna complain.

You step over homeless folks, talk sh*t about people on welfare, deny folks the right to earn a decent minimum wage, completely ignore poor and working class folks, and continue “earning” your $355.000/yr and getting over with your $164.530 bonuses. Smh.

Ya’ll WallStreet Crooks should be ashamed.

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