Political Pet Peeves: #1-Ignorant Black Republicans

Seeing as how Election time is coming I decided to start a series of Political Pet Peeves because, well, in short, I got a lot to say! And anyone who follows politics even a lil, knows how much shyt Politicians and our corrupt Government gives us to dissect and rant about.

Now I must preface this post by asking you the reader if you are entrenched in the world of “politically correctness”? Because if you are, then this might not be to your liking. You see, I am at the point where I am sick to death of folks being so damn politically correct that we can’t even have a REAL dialogue about issues. Take a long hard look around at our society right now. Institutionalized Racism is REAL. Classism is REAL. Misogyny is REAL. Homophobia is REAL. White Privilege is REAL. To sum it up: Ignorance Prevails!

WHY?? Because we allow it to. Too many of our Politicians and Elected Officials actually Want Ignorance amongst the People of this country to prevail because it serves to further their own self-serving agendas. And we the People buy into it. And Perpetuate it. HOW?? By feeding into the propaganda they serve us. By not taking the time to research before we vote. By blindly following Politicians, be they Democrat or Republican, who really couldn’t care less about the struggles that working class and poor folks face every damn day, yet they will say whatever sounds good to get your vote!

This brings me to the subject of Black Republicans. Smh. Sorry, but really what the hell else can one really do when you think of Black Republicans but shake your damn head! Well, the winner of “The Ignorant Black Republican Award” goes to… Elbert Guillory. A state senator from Louisiana, once a Democrat now a Republican and a front man for the Political Action Committee called… wait for it… “Free At Last“… Yep. This group aims to “promote Republican values in every community”. And on the site there is a picture of Martin Luther King giving his “Free At Last” speech.. WTF? I swear, I’m not sure why, but sometimes it still takes me aback at how ignorant and disrespectful some folks can be…

So Guillory has been targeting Black voters and in his ads he uses the words “food stamps“, “overseer“, “welfare”— I guess the thinking is that the majority of Black voters either are on welfare and/or have a slave mentality and need to come join the Republican party so that they will magically get off welfare, get a six figure job and say goodbye to the plantation that Black folks apparently don’t want to leave..

Now this is nothing new, I mean White Republicans have used this strategy time and time again, but when Black Republicans use it, ahhh, it just strikes a nerve with me. I just want to round them all up like they did with the brainwashed sell outs in Spike Lee’s movie The Drop Squad, put them in a room and lock the doors and just Yell, “WAKE UP!!!!” like Laurence Fishbourne did in School Daze.

*Sigh* maybe one day they will wake up before it’s too late…

One Reply to “Political Pet Peeves: #1-Ignorant Black Republicans”

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