So, rich folks want poor kids to stop trick or treating in their neighborhoods!

Ahh.. Just when you think that by this time, in 2014, you’ve seen and heard just about all the ignorance someone could possibly dream up, lo and behold, ignorance knows no bounds! I came across this on Twitter. Just take a minute and read this over:

Dear Prudence,
I live in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country, but on one of the more “modest” streets—mostly doctors and lawyers and family business owners. (A few blocks away are billionaires, families with famous last names, media moguls, etc.) I have noticed that on Halloween, what seems like 75 percent of the trick-or-treaters are clearly not from this neighborhood. Kids arrive in overflowing cars from less fortunate areas. I feel this is inappropriate. Halloween isn’t a social service or a charity in which I have to buy candy for less fortunate children. Obviously this makes me feel like a terrible person, because what’s the big deal about making less fortunate kids happy on a holiday? But it just bugs me, because we already pay more than enough taxes toward actual social services. Should Halloween be a neighborhood activity, or is it legitimately a free-for-all in which people hunt down the best candy grounds for their kids?

—Halloween for the 99 Percent

WTH?! I was immediately struck by how hateful, selfish, heartless, uncaring and unappreciative some people are. I mean the fact that this elitist, 1 percenter, sitting at his/her computer, in a lavish neighborhood, enjoying his/her white privilege and an abundance of comforts, feels justified in saying “stay out my neighborhood poor folks, this is for rich kids only! Go trick or treating in your own “less fortunate” neighborhoods!” What the hell is wrong with people that you can be so unkind to children? I mean this is one damn day where kids for all of what, 30 seconds will come up to your door and ask for candy? You make all that damn money, but you don’t wanna buy another bag or two of candy? How selfish.

It’s one thing to be concerned for the safety of yourself and others in your neighborhood. But that’s not what this is about. There was no mention of safety concerns. This was all about ignorance and hate and just being plain selfish. Smh.

4 Replies to “So, rich folks want poor kids to stop trick or treating in their neighborhoods!”

  1. This is particularly revolting to me because in my family, we take the Celtic roots of Halloween pretty seriously, and Samhain is supposed to be a time of sharing, hospitality and gratitude. (That’s how the whole idea of “trick or treating” got started.) Of course, I don’t expect most people to really care about that – as far as most Americans know, the holiday was invented by candy companies – but still, this particular instance of selfishness is just disgusting to me.

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    1. Exactly! I also understand and respect the history of Samhain which, like you stated, makes this that much more disgusting. Thanks for the follow and feedback!


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