What is the Real meaning of Xmas?

It’s that time of year again. December is here and with it all the “joys” of Xmas. But what does it really mean? For most folks with young kids it’s the time of the year where you go broke to put a bunch of gifts under the tree. It’s the lights in the windows, the xmas cards in the mail, turkey dinners with family and friends, snow in the yard (or wishing there was if you live in California), hanging xmas stockings in the living room, and shouting “Merry Xmas” to those who pass us in the streets.

Yet for many people Xmas is a time of sorrow. It’s a harsh reminder of all that they don’t have, like enough food, enough money to pay rent and overall lacking the means to just live at the most basic level. Who wouldn’t get depressed at the thought of trying to add on the fact that you don’t have enough money to buy presents for your family?!

It’s supposed to be the time when people are kinder, more compassionate and basically just act like they give a damn about someone other than themselves, but sad to say that is not the case nowadays. Too many folks are so materialistic and fake, spending days in line to get the latest gadgets, yet will not hesitate to look right past a homeless person…

What are we teaching our kids? How about the fact that this is the time to be grateful and appreciative. To look around and really take stock of what you have and to be truly thankful. And I don’t mean in a superficial way but in a Real Way. Remind your kids how fortunate they are to have a home, to have whatever food is in the fridge, whatever clothes are in the closets. This is the time to not be wasteful but to be mindful that the things you treat casually and take for granted are things that some kids would give anything to have.

This is what I keep at the forefront of my mind whenever I find myself at odds with this made up holiday that I must admit I look forward to celebrating! And by doing just that I manage to maintain a healthy balance which allows me to practice a lil frugality while still enjoying the season, staying in the holiday spirit and ensuring that my family has a great Xmas!

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