Time for Revolution- where the Revolutionaries at?

I’ve been thinking lately about how our past civil rights leaders would feel if they were able to witness what has become of our society in 2014 almost 2015. Yes we’ve made some progress, but as a whole, where are we really as a people? As a community? Because what I have noticed is that people tend to gloss over the real issues because it’s uncomfortable and there is no solution in sight. But this is why it’s so important for us to come together and not be afraid to talk and acknowledge that yes this society is pretty f’ed up right now. People are broke and hungry and homeless and killing each other and being killed by cops and not fought for by our elected officials and being totally ignored by our gov’t!

Malcolm, Martin, Edgar, Sojourner, Booker T., the list goes on and on. And yet, how are we really any better off now than when they were alive? So a few of us have become wealthy, some of us have obtained a celebrity status, some of us have risen to high political ranks, blah, blah, blah. But when it comes down to it, folks are still hesitant to call it like it is. When some people stare ignorance right in the face, they can’t admit what it is, they have to gloss it over and make it pretty and less ugly.

Ignorance don’t work like that folks! It is what it is! How can we get past it if folks won’t own up to it?

I respect people who are standing up and speaking out and protesting in whatever way makes sense and will have the most effective impact. What I don’t like are the folks who are perpetrating and trying to destroy the cause by being stupid and reckless and being violent for no purpose. I also don’t like the fact that people won’t acknowledge that some of these are infiltrators, sent in to do just that–corrupt and interrupt movements. Their whole mission is to distract people from the message and the mission of the protesting.

What I wish is that the Real Revolutionaries could come together and find ways to mobilize and utilize our strengths so that we can be more effective and productive and take it off the streets and into the organizational structure of our communities and cities and states.

What I hope is that people will finally reach out to each other and not be alright with just talking about it, but are actually serious about putting in some work. That’s the only way the Revolution will take place and be successful. Who’s with me??

One Reply to “Time for Revolution- where the Revolutionaries at?”

  1. Yes! You speak of where we are as a community, here’s a fact: We are the ONLY race that continues to not stick together. I’m not speaking of each individual, I’m speaking off us as a whole. We need to first acknowledge and work to reverse this atrocity. We have to take care of our culture first! Why? BECAUSE NO OTHER RACE IS GOING TO DO IT FOR US!
    Secondly, this celebrity madness has gotten out of control. Admittedly, I was once a part of this problem. As an Artist, I understand wanting to get paid for my services; I understand my worth. Conversely, I have absolutely no need for billions of dollars, nor will my offspring. Why would we pay someone double digits millions per year for throwing a football, yet pay our teachers, the real MVPS, pennies? Who, what, when, why, where and how? We completely have our priorities conflicted; yet we are able to still go to war though our deficit is in the trillions, and our loved ones are on the streets!
    We need to stand up, reach out, shout, whatever. This cannot continue, yet it will if we don’t get our shit together.

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