Watch out now! White Christian Males are under Attack!!

So, it should be of no surprise to anyone that Bill O’Reilly is about as ignorant as they come. And normally I try to ignore him and his absurd theories and perspectives, because why give that idiot and his ramblings any of my mental energy? But I felt compelled to comment on something that I came across this morning as I checked my twitter feed.

On his show recently, Bill O’Reilly felt it prudent to share his views about the fact that “White Christian males” are being “picked on” and are “under siege.” Hmmm.. White Christian males under siege… Right.

“The fact that I am white and in a powerful position makes me the enemy,” he complained on his show this week, and according to O’Reilly, there’s a “white male suppression” campaign being carried out. WTH? And guess who’s leading this campaign? Women, minorities, liberals and my favorite “race-baiters”. I suppose he would label me as a “race-baiter”, and would lump me in the same category as Tavis Smiley, Charles Blow who is a New York Times columnist, and pretty much anyone else who calls the racist BS for what it is. Hey, that works for me because I respect both of them.

But as you can see, the degree of ignorance that O’Reilly portrays is rather astounding. Although I will give him this, he just comes out and lets you know right off the bat where he stands! There is no questioning what side of the fence he sits on. He is a racist a**hole and makes no bones about it. I mean we all know that more folks agree with him, they’re just too afraid to say it because, well, that might not be a good look.

Now back to this theory that White Christian males are under attack. Hmm.. Who sits in positions of power in most corporate boardrooms? Who holds more political offices? Who owns more property, commercial and residential?Who can murder an unarmed black man and get away with it because he wears a badge? Who can write laws and enforce them? Who earns more per hour? Annually? Who can sit in a pulpit and “preach” the word of God and walk away with millions of dollars while manipulating the minds of hundreds of thousands of people?

What about the percentage of White Christian males who are perpetrating much of the turmoil, oppression, misogynistic ideals, homophobia, racist, murderous acts that are contributing to the downfall of this country?

Under attack? I think not.

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