All Hail President Chump– I mean Trump!

For those of you who identify as a person of color, are part of the working class and lower middle class who voted for Trump…let me just say Congratulations and allow me to extend a heart-felt WTF?!  Do you not know that you have been Bamboozled? Led Astray? Run Amok?

And for those of you who may not have voted for him, but somehow believe that by not voting for Hilary you are exempt, let me just say you all have no idea what you have just let happen. It vexes me how people can claim to hate Washington, and to rail against the government, and yet you have just helped the GOP reclaim ALL 3 BRANCHES of GOVERNMENT! The last time this happened was in 2001 when Bush came in and we know what happened when he left- we were damn near in another depression.

What’s going to happen now? Let’s just say, we’re going to see a return to when America was Great! And we know what that means… When did this country make a significant shift for the “Greater Good”? Yep, during the Reagan Era! Ding Ding! Let’s tell the Americans who voted for President Chump what they’ve won! We’ve won the gift of Reaganomics!!


Think I’m way off base? I guess we will soon see.

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