My Rant on Russia, China, North Korea and Trump- Be Aware!

I won’t waste time venting about the fact that we have the worst excuse for a President in office right now. What I do want to talk about is the troubling fact that both China and Russia have deployed nuclear-capable missiles to the frozen tundra that lies along Russia’s far-eastern border with China. And no one is talking about it!

How about China and North Korea? It’s clear to those of us who pay attention, that the odds of a catastrophic war on the Korean Peninsula appear to be increasing day by day. The Trump administration has been consistently declaring its determination to deny North Korea the ability to threaten the good ol USA with nuclear weapons. But it seems to me that Kim Jong Un will not yield to Trump’s pressure to put a stop to his weapons program. I haven’t seen where either side has proposed concessions that would inevitably ease tensions, and the folks in Washington are telling us that time is running out for nonmilitary options to end the standoff.

Again, where is the talk and outrage and concern?

Just recently,  two drills were conducted by Russia’s armed forces which resided on opposite sides of the massive Eurasian nation’s territory, testing tense borders with U.S.-led military alliance NATO and the eastern armies of China and North Korea. Where is the alarm? Why are we not demanding to know precisely what this administration is doing to ensure the safety of the American people?

We’ve been inundated with coverage of case after case of sexual misconduct scandals, and while that is important and needs its time in the spotlight, my concern is the fact that three powerful Nations, who have an extremely volatile relationship with one another, have been deploying nuclear capable missiles, and our morally and intellectually bankrupt President has a corrupt and volatile relationship with all of them!


I get what is happening. The media inundates us with propaganda to distract us and keep our attention and focus directed elsewhere; at subjects that while crucial and vital, are on a whole other level of importance. Let’s think about it for a moment. If there were to be a conflict between any of the Nations, the consequences would be devastating to say the least.

Unfortunately I don’t have any answers, only more questions and a hope that more of us wake up, pay attention, ask questions and do your research about what’s happening in the world before we look up and find ourselves in the middle of WWIII…


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