Time to Renew our sense of Community

I woke up the other day with an overwhelming feeling that it is crucial that we as individuals renew our sense of community. As a society, we are entirely too disconnected from one another, too focused on individual needs and wants, concerned only with what effects us and our immediate circles.

It’s a shame and it’s no way to honor those who sacrificed for us to be where we are now: having the luxury to casually judge and stand on principals and choose not to be concerned with the greater good.

2014 ended with light being shed on the injustices Black men, young and old, have suffered for more years than I care to reflect on, but the question is where do we go from here? How do we take the rage, the sadness and the pain and build on those emotions in a positive, productive, strategic and ultimately systematic manner?

It’s time to take risks. Build bridges to come together with other like-minded folks and find ways to utilize your collective strengths and skill-sets. Support small businesses. Find ways to get involved politically on a local level. Our communities are in dire need of support and who better than the actual members of the community! There are countless issues that need to be tackled asap- choose one and then find the best way to get involved so you can add your life experiences and ideas, with the goal of working towards a realistic and sustainable solution.

As individuals and as a community, we must ask ourselves just what compromises and sacrifices are we willing to make that will ensure that we place ourselves on the path that leads to cultivating and sustaining a healthy society? We have to be willing to do what needs to be done. And that includes things that will not only benefit you and your circle but will send a ripple effect throughout the community.

2 Replies to “Time to Renew our sense of Community”

  1. Only shopping at Black owned businesses on black Friday was a great way for us to connect as a community. I read that sales were down 11% from last year. That is a start. Yes, that may have been a sacrifice to some who wanted to get the “savings”; however, it was a great benefit to the whole. Truly, the point of it all is for us to build, together.

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