Kids make it all better!

As a parent, this is the time of year that can be both extremely stressful and most rewarding, and usually you’re feeling both sentiments depending on the day! But when you find yourself feeling really feel down, stressed, tired or you’re just having one of those days where you are truly not feelin the BS of life and it’s never ending struggles, take a look at your kids. Go talk to them. Give them a hug. Say something that you know will bring a smile to their face.

This is why we do what we do! This is why we get up to go to work. This is why we struggle with little or no appreciation or acknowledgment. This is why we go without, why we compromise, why we sacrifice.

If for no other reason than to know that we are giving our children sweet memories that they can call upon in times when they need inspiration or motivation. When they need that nudge, that reason to get up and do what they need to do!

That’s the moral here! Enjoy your children, appreciate them and let them remind you of what is truly important because kids really do make it all better!

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