The Matrix is Real and It has You…

For anyone who has seen and understood the true meaning and underpinnings of the “The Matrix Trilogy”, then there is a part of you, even in the smallest, darkest, corner of your mind, that has pondered the question… What is the Real Matrix?

The reality is, everything is made up of energy. We are all multidimensional beings composed of light and vibrations (energy) all held together by a skeletal body, that resides in a multidimensional universe that has an infinite number of fields of particles and forces that are unseen but felt nevertheless. How many times have you felt something, sensed something that you couldn’t explain? We’ve all been in the presence of someone and were almost immediately turned off. Or walked into a room and knew instinctively that the vibes inside were negative and intuition instructed you to turn around and walk right back out.

The problem I see is the fact that not enough of us are aware and enlightened. In other words, we’re not Unplugged… Communities are being torn apart from the inside out, led by folks from the outside, although people act like they don’t know what’s happening or why. When you take a long, close look at society today, how many folks seem asleep? Have you paid attention to the fact that many people seem to be controlled, or conditioned, or programmed if you will, by an unknown source that appears to have an agenda of keeping the public’s minds dull and distracted by nonsense and propaganda that diverts their attention from what’s really going on?

And meanwhile, most of us are so caught up just living our lives, keeping up with the latest trends, the latest gadgets, we’re becoming numb and jaded to the atrocities that are transpiring right before our eyes! But we can’t see it. We’re still plugged in. They have us. Let’s just keep on keepin on. Gentrification is happening at full swing and folks of color are being displaced, the department of education nationwide is failing, policing is still leaving Black and Brown folks murdered with no sustainable accountability, the housing prices are outrageous and continue to leave most of us living paycheck to paycheck just to keep a roof over our heads, the reality shows are at an all time high continuing to present Black women in the most despicable light, the number of homeless and mentally ill people have quadrupled and there is no solution in sight, and the end all be all…  Donald Trump has been allowed to get this far in the election process. Need I go on?

This is the real world we live in. And whether you want to believe it or not, all of this energy, be it negative or positive, is bouncing off of itself and creating endless fields of vibrations that directly affect each and every one of us! Wake up and get aware! Take control of what you can take control of and do your part to emit some positive energy to counteract all of this negativity that has been brewing over the last several years!

The Matrix is Real and It has You… Unplug yourself and fight the ignorance and propaganda you’re being fed! And then do the right thing and go unplug someone else.. It takes a village.




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