We’re All Works in Progress…

When we have a mindset that we are only on this earth for a short amount of time, therefore we must take all we can take, get all we can get, and our concern is for ourselves and maybe for those we have included in our small circle of family and friends (if we’re so fortunate), why are we then so surprised when we look up and realize that as a society, we’re so disconnected from one another?

What we are in essence doing is constricting what we can expect not only of ourselves, but out of life itself. We have to admit that we’re human! We don’t know it all- we’re gonna mess up from time to time, say the wrong things and yes, do the wrong things. But you know what? It is what it is. Accept it, learn from it and keep it moving. Understand that it doesn’t matter so much what you have already done, but what you choose to do from here on out!


You gotta be okay with not being okay all the time- bad things happen every day and to all of us at some point, and there will be days where you’re just not “feelin it”- the key is in how you deal with it- so take a deep breath, smile, and believe that there is always reason to hope that tomorrow will be better.

When times are hard, they can often be blessings in disguise- so you have to let go and allow life to strengthen and guide you, because no matter how it much it may hurt, you need to hold your head up and keep it moving- remember this when you’re having a rough day, a bad month, or a crappy year- just know that things will change and you will not feel this way forever.

This is why we should all embrace the fact that we’re “works in progress” because it means we are each determined to heal our hearts, expand our minds, and cultivate the gifts that we know we are all meant to share.



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