Learn to Let Go & find Balance in Life…


We all have our own individual, personal “truths” but keep in mind that we’re all human and sometimes we all, at one time or another have taken our beliefs in something, someone, or even a situation and have tried to make it fit into our personal “version of reality”. But thinking something doesn’t make it true. Nor does wanting something to be real make it real. You gotta stay reality based…


Sometimes in the midst of life’s chaos it’s hard to “see” the many opportunities being given to us. But the universe is always offering signs to guide us on our journey, we just gotta slow down and pay attention…


It’s important that you learn to maintain a balance between what you accept and what you expect. You will discover that you have fewer disappointments and healthier friendships/relationships. But to maintain a healthy balance in life, you have to forget and let go of what has hurt you, while holding on tight to the lesson that it taught you…


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